Thursday, March 06, 2014

Vintage Crocheted Rose Pillowslip Edge

This Vintage Rose Edging Was Crocheted by My Maternal Grandmother
Mom just gave this to me.  I'd like to reverse engineer it and attempt to make something with it.  I'm not really into the idea of putting something this elaborate on something that wears out as fast as pillowslips or towels though.  Maybe a neckline inset for a sleeveless summer top? Or event he bottom edge of the top, or skirt? A Baby's dress or bassinet? A hat?  A tablecloth or runner but in reds or purples or peach?  A vanity skirt?

Ah.  So many options.  How to choose?

The other pillowslip in this set wore out.  The roses look so familiar I think I may have already claimed the crocheted piece stripped off that pillowslip along with a bag full of other edgings stripped off pillowslips, towels and clothing.  Some of them only need blocking to be ready for reuse but several need minor repair.

When I first found that bag several years ago I was still such a newbie at crochet I was flummoxed by the thought of trying to repair or copy any of them but now that I've advanced so far I'm anxious to look at them all again.  They are still in the craft boxes packed up in Phoenix a year ago.  Getting my craft stuff unpacked and organized is my next big project now that the room is nearly good to go.

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