Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oops! I Mismanaged My Time Again!

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So sorry but I'm going to have to postpone the post I promised in yesterday's ROW80.  I frittered away my post writing time this morning and then this afternoon and evening was too full to fit in time to edit the rough draft I wrote last night.  One crisis after another in the household today and my help was needed elsewhere.

It won't go up until Saturday now as I already have a post planned for Friday Forays in Fiction.  That works well anyway since I would have needed something to take the place of the Saturday night ROW80 which has just gone on hiatus until April 7.

To make this as quick and easy as possible I'm even recycling an LOLcat that I made about a year ago.  It reflects my old way of doing things which I'm trying to replace with a new way with my husband's help.

I now see the cat's POV and agree.  Shorting myself on sleep was making me squirrely.

When I confessed to Ed in our late afternoon coaching vid chat, that I'd sabotaged my recent successes by filling what I had felt was extra time with minutia and goofing off, he helped me see how this pattern sabotages my efforts.

The pattern he means is my propensity to translate 'caught up' into WOW look at all the extra time I have now.  And then treat it as free time before I've completed that day's necessary tasks.

I had just got caught up on a backlog of posts as of yesterday and my assignment for the next week was to stay on track,  with the new wake up and exercise routines and posting daily before dinner so my evening meds and bedtime were not derailed and my next day sabotaged by both having my night meds still in my system into the late morning and having the added stress of a second post.

Ed didn't tell me this bluntly.  That's not his style.  He helped me see it by asking questions that made me think about the cause and effect of my actions--how their ripple effects keep me off track, stressed, and set me up for failure.

Then instead of telling me what to do, he asked me How are you going to fix this?

I asked Fix?

He said: Get your post up today.  He pointed out it was already time to start dinner prep (at that moment it looked like I was going to be making dinner so my sister could run some must-do errands but she decided to get pizza instead) after dinner was reading to my Mom and if that was over on time I would have less than an hour before time to take the Trazadone that brings on sleep twenty to forty minutes later.

Of course my first two ideas were fall back ones--fallback to old habits: Either let it slide over to morning or push meds and bedtime back to get it up.  But Ed suggested that was likely to be demoralizing by interrupting my string of successes over the last week besides adding extra stress to tomorrow..

Was there a way to avoid either pushing back meds and sleep or adding an extra post to tomorrow?

I had to think for awhile but it finally came to me: postpone the post that needs an hour or more of editing and put up a LOLcat and an apology.  I was picturing this LOLcat and a couple or three lines.  But I always have to tell a story don't I?

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