Thursday, March 20, 2014

Habits and Hypnosis


My counseling appointment got canceled this morning which really threw me for a loop at first as I was counting on getting to talk to her about the recent mood dive into the Marianas Trench of my psyche and which habit to add next.

But then minutes after learning it was canceled I found an email about a webinar (I would not have been checking my email if I still needed to prepare for the appointment) titled The 21 Habits of The 
World's Wealthiest Entrepreneurs that included a hypnosis session to instill the one of your choice. There was no date in the email so I clicked through to see if it was feasible.  I learned that it was starting in five minutes!

I almost closed the tab but then it struck me. HABITS!  I mean really! That has been my keyword for weeks.  Maybe this was why my appointment was canceled.    I was a bit meh about the hypnosis as I've downloaded many since mid November, watched a few on YourTube and even bought some.  But never yet had what I was hoping for out of them.

But it might be worth it just to get that list.  So I signed up, got my ticket, downloaded updates to the webinar softwear and was joining in at 11:02.

As I hoped, the list was inspiring and will help me in many ways as I move on.  But I got an unexpected bonus when the hypnosis worked.

It was his pre session explanation and Q&A that helped me see how I may have been sabotaging my previous experiences.  The points he made that I took to heart were:

  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
  • You must listen only to his voice
  • You must follow his instructions
  • It's all about willing surrender

Well I had never yet been able to stay focused on the previous hypnotist's voice and instructions.  A good part of that was the ADD but I suspect that I was resisting due to my need to be in control.

As we listened to the list he had us write down three that excited us and then choose one of those to focus on for the hypnosis.

I was excited about more than three: cosmic habits, organization, procrastination, focus, bounce back, single-minded purpose, optimism, initiative, confidence, mastering change, eyes on the prize, and automatic discipline.

I chose that last one tho I'd miss-remembered it as 'self-discipline.  I think because I was conflating all those on the above list that could be considered under the umbrella of self-discipline.  And of course my ADD makes all of that a struggle so it is THE key to my ever succeeding at the business concept I have or completing my novels and stories and self-publishing them.

As my counselor said last time, You are brilliant and creative but you will never reach your goals if you don't learn to do one thing at a time.

I won't give a play-by-play of the hypnosis session.  Suffice it to say that hours later:

  • I can still tap into the deep relaxation
  • I can still access the vivid images I conjured.  
  • I am still suffused with optimism, energy, and contentment.  
  • I am still ON socially whhich is very unusual.  
  • I am still able to stay on track
  • I've yet to have an oopsy--no spills, drops, fumbles, knocks, falls, missteps or what I like to call dyslexia of placement ie putting the coffee mug into the fridge instead of the milk or instead of in the microwave, putting shaving cream on my tooth brush, breaking the egg into the compost carton and dropping the shell into the bowl instead of visa versa.  
  • I have never once found myself standing in front of the open fridge wondering why I opened it, or standing in random spots staring cross-eyed at a point six inches in front of my nose having lost three to thirteen or even thirty minutes to some random thought journey.  Lost in space as my dad used to say after waving his hand in front of my face or clapping them next to my ears.

The hypnotist was Tellman Knudson.  I link to his YouTube channel as a token of my gratefulness for the experience he provided me but I am not endorsing either him or his products as I don't know enough about either.

Now I'm going to start making use of the hypnosis MP3s I've already got on board my Aspire and in my G Drive for access with my Nexus 7 or Blaze.

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