Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Serenity #382

Practicing My Happy Face
I took this with my Aspire laptop camera.  This was my first selfie.  Tho it took me five tries to get an acceptable one.  I'm out of practice at smiling so it feels forced and then looks forced.  The first four also displayed four separate emotions not usually associated with smiles: bored, confused, anxious and in pain.

To get that one I had to tap into memories of laughing babies and squee LOLkittens and the last laugh I shared with Ed.

It's rare for me to post a full face photo.  This time its because my sister and I got haircuts last evening and I guess I wanted to showoff share the result.

All ready for spring and summer now.

It had been about a year since the last one and my very thick hair had reached my collarbones.  It's like wearing a wool blanked on my head.

It was also getting to be too hard to take care of and took twelve to twenty-four hours to thoroughly dry.  Using a blow dryer caused it to frizz.

Having it done was as much in honor of my new morning routine as of the arrival of spring.  This past week I spent three times as long on the hair then on the face and teeth.  I actually had to fuss with it twice as I had to get it pinned back to keep it out of the way for washing my face and brushing my teeth and then primp it for the vid chat with Ed.

Now doing my hair should take less than 90 seconds. Thus brushing my teeth which requires 2 minutes minimum will probably earn the honor of longest task of the three.

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