Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Serenity #362

This is the forth in the 'My Bucket List' series  I began three weeks ago for Sunday Serenity.   I will keep the linked list of the preceding ones at the bottom of the post.

I forgot to clarify in the first that my bucket list has a different criteria than the common 'things I want to do before I die'  for me it is 'things I want to do before I loose the rest of my vision'

My Bucket List
#4 Visit Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop in Paris

Ever since I learned about this bookstore in Paris I've been longing to visit it.  But a typical afternoon bookstore visit isn't the kind of visit I have in mind.  I'd like to live there for 2-4 weeks as a Writer in Residence in exchange for two hours of work so I could hang out with the other writers after the shop closes.  But if my visual impairment makes that untenable then I'd like to stay in nearby lodgings and be at the shop reading and writing from noon to midnight--the story hours.

I picture myself sitting at a window with a view of Notre Dame across the river Seine with a stack of books near and writing tablets on my lap.  I imagine myself wandering the narrow spaces between shelves with a flashlight or spelunker's hat.  I can see myself sitting quietly listening in on nearby conversations about writing, writers, books and bookstores and maybe even joining in.

My Bucket List

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