Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Serenity #361

Two weeks ago I began a 'My Bucket List' series for Sunday Serenity.   I will keep the linked list of the preceding ones at the bottom of the post.

I forgot to clarify in the first that my bucket list has a different criteria than the common 'things I want to do before I die'  for me it is 'things I want to do before I loose the rest of my vision'

My Bucket List
#3 Swim with dolphins

Ever since I was about 11 and saw my very first color TV episode which happened to be Flipper, I've loved the idea of swimming with a dolphin.  Then in the late 90s I had a vivid dream of frolicking with them in the ocean.  The scene was so suffused with intense bright color and emotions of serenity, bliss and joy I woke myself up laughing out lout with tears streaming into my ears.

Ever since that dream has been a touchstone of happiness and a symbol of joy for me.  And therefore a symbol of my true self. That intensified my desire to a nearly obsessive level.

The images in the video are gorgeous but the story being told gives me pause about my dream as it depicts dolphins living in captivity as being homesick, sad, bored and deprived of the essence of being who they are.  Which requires the freedom to swim free in the deep, wide ocean and be in community with their family and friends.

Other than in that dream, I never pictured swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean. I doubt I have either the strength or the swimming skills to swim in the ocean.  Add in my visual impairment and it seems impossible to imagine.  And now I feel guilty picturing doing so with captive dolphins at a resort or aquarium.

But I can't cut loose the dream either.

My Bucket List

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