Friday, November 08, 2013

My Fingers Should Be Smoking Hot...

...having been glued to my new Blaze smartphone all afternoon and evening, from the moment Ed tried to call me on his lunch break and it didn't work thru the Gmail texting trying to solve that and then after he had to go right on thru until he messaged me again when it was time for our evening vid chat. Just over six hours.

This is my birthday present from Ed.  He put me on his plan and had the phone sent directly to me via UPS.  It arrived yesterday afternoon but I didn't know until evening as my sister knew I was still working on that review that was late going up and then she forgot to tell me until I came out and opened the front door looking for it after Ed, via Gmail chat, had told me that was where tracking said it was.

Actually it was Mom who told me my phone was on the couch and Carri overheard from the other room and explained why she hadn't brought it directly to me and apologized for forgetting after I had the review posted.  That's a good example of ADD at work in a family of multiple attention issue sufferers.  Knowing the danger of distracting me before an important task was completed, my sister had my back when choosing not to interrupt me.  But then her own ADD played a role in keeping it from me for an extra two or three hours.

 Carri and her son both have official diagnosis of ADD.  She getting hers after her son got his in grade school.  She then saw many of the signs in our Mom and our brother and his eldest son and me.  My brother's son did get the diagnosis while still in  high school.  As for me, no official diagnosis, but the med nurse is augmenting treatment of my depression/anxiety issues with ADD meds since it does run in our family.  But since attention issues are also a big marker in depression and anxiety it would be hard to sort out where to lay the blame.

Then there are attention issues atypical of ADD like those Mom now has caused by her stroke--memory loss and mild aphasia among them.  And like the weird hyperfocus thing both me and my sister's son do in which we stay intensely focused on a single task, topic, worry or activity for hours and even days at a time. Which is what happened to me today once I got started learning my way around the Blaze--settings, preferences, aps, touchscreen maneuvers, touchscreen keyboard, menus, widgets and so on and on.

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