Friday, November 22, 2013

Prioritizing Agony

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Prioritizing Agony
by Joy  Renee

I can't seem to get a fix
on this prioritizing thing.
Every time I gain some ground
and feel I have a grip
I get slapped down
by the thing I didn't see coming
and my confidence plummets.
One slip-up becomes two and two three
and soon I'm forced to admit
that what I think is irrelevant
for I have 10 thousand masters
and none of them are me
(tho every single one was
breathed into being by my own spirit)
and 20 thousand critics live inside me
meticulously listing all the ways I let them down.
And all of them are me.
I may have had 22 successes in the last six weeks
but one failure outweighs them all
proving that the failure is me.
I guess I'll just stop blowing bubbles
for I'm only creating my own enemies
not the future or the hope or the joy
I imagined them to be.

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