Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Serenity #321

My sister and I just went over the meal plans for the five days she will be gone this coming week and making out the grocery list she'll have to shop for in the next two days.  She will be gone days from Wednesday through Sunday getting home towards midnight and leaving before breakfast each day.  I will be on duty with Mom and will be making five lunches and five dinners.

Let's just say we're having a lotta cheeze, garlic, salsa and salad.  Nachos or burritos  taco soup, pizza and salad, spaghetti and salad, stir fry, toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup, Tater Tot casserole, quesedia,  pizza again but a different one and open faced tuna sandwiches.

The following weekend I will be doing it again for three days followed by a day of packing for the trip home on February 12.

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