Thursday, January 03, 2013

Boxing Hazards

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I spent the day sorting, organizing and packing the stuff in my office that is going to Longview with me.  That's all the misc related to WIP in crafting, reading, and writing including electronics (netbook and discman and their paraphenalia).  Truthfully I started with crafts and got stuck there for hours and have only begun to tackle the rest of it.

I lost count of the times I had to redo something I'd just done when a box fell over and spilled all the sorted stuff onto the floor or I pulled the drawer I was putting something in out too far and it dumped on the floor.

I meant to finish with the office all but the very last minute stuff before I sleep tonight so I can focus on the bedroom and bathroom items tomorrow.  Also housework and a shower before 6 as my sister is going to be here between 6 and 7.  She is spending the night tho so I don't have to be ready to leave here until sometime Saturday morning.  But I don't want to have any but the very last minute packing left to do by the time she gets here as I'll be too distracted with visiting.

Half the stuff I've been shuffling through today was never unpacked since I got back Thanksgiving week.  Which of course suggests I don't need to take it but as I sort through stuff trying to pare down from what I took last time I keep finding things that remind me of the projects they represent and that makes me want to work on it again.  Some of these I did work on while at Mom's in November and also last summer but never while at home.

Maybe I should take them but leave them?  Ah, but I know that if I take them and do work on them I'm unlikely to want to leave them behind.

Maybe I should think about that though.  Have a set of projects designated for working on at Mom's and leave them there.  Same for wardrobe and HABA.  That could cut back on the packing chore at both ends which could be an advantage with this back and forth three to four times a year.  It feels like all I ever do is shuffle stuff from here to there and in and out of boxes and bags.

This visit is supposed to be only a month and I'm going to be getting library books at that end and I still have to prioritize the crafter's tote that wasn't finished in time for Christmas and I have half a dozen ARCs to read and review by mid February.  Then there's the family photo scan I'm still not quite done with at that end and all the photos on my netbook that still need to be cropped and labeled and organized. Then there's getting back to my fiction files.  And there's organizing, archiving and backing up files on my netbook.  And there's always the metadata for my ebook library.  And of course online tasks.  Note the commonality of much of this: all I need is the netbook.

Arrrgh!  Now I've got my head spinning with second guessing all the stuff I've already packed or gathered together to pack.  I think maybe I need to sleep on it.  So much for getting the office packed before I sleep.

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