Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday Serenity #318

It took me three hours to set up my workstation in my corner of Mom's room today.  Maybe four.  I was home alone for most of the day as Mom had spent the weekend at my brother's in Portland and my sister had gone to a friend's grandbaby's 1st bday party.  She unloaded almost everything except my crafts before she left so I could use the time to get my stuff organized.

The black box of books on the far left is all of the books I brought from home--reference and  ARCs. for the most part.  The mug sitting on that shelf is full of bookmarks awaiting my intended visit to the Longview library to fill up the yellow box below.

On the bed where I sleep is Brandy, the Ashton-Drake doll Mom and Carri gave me for my birthday in November which I left here to protect her from the cig smoke and other nasty odors our house is prone to at this time.

Besides this corner workstation for reading, writing Internet and music I made a start on organizing my clothes in the little room across the hall that used to be Mom's office but has morphed into a flotsam room.

I'm expecting my sister and Mom home any time now.

Meanwhile I need to start putting this workstation to good use and start working on the book review that needs to go live before dawn because I can't count on being awake until dawn as I often do at home and in fact will probably need to be asleep well before midnight since I had shorted my sleep over the last several busy days of packing and traveling.

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