Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burrs On Your Furs? Just Purr

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Once again my planned post for today could not be completed in the allotted hour so I'm improvising.  I made this LOL for a niece whose birthday was today.  It is her mother for whom my Secret Santa crochet project was for and today was the day I was intending to have another update on the progress of this overdue gift.

Last week I stated my hope that I would have the Mushroom rounds on all five of the strips for the second panel and maybe even have them joined together into the panel.  Nope.  Still have the single crochet round and the loops round on one strip left plus half the loops round on another strip.

I could have still set up the photo shoot and got pictures of the progress I did make since last Thursday but I decided I'd rather use the time differently since it wouldn't look that dramatically different from last week's photo.

Has most of my posts this past week indicate, my focus has been on making more time for reading fiction again.  That has been working so well many other things are dropping away.  Crochet was one of them in the last three days.  I started picking up the novel instead of the crochet during those odd moments of waiting for browser tabs to load  microwaves to ding and the sandman to bring me his dreams.

I read an entire literary novel of over 300 pages in under three days for the first time in many many months.  I guess that was a huge plus but the opportunity cost was higher than I'd hoped.  I need to watch the balance between the several passions of my life.

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