Friday, January 04, 2013

Android Adventures

I'm composing this on my sister's Android as our Internet connection has been down all day. This is a steep learning curve. Just getting this far has taken over an hour.  So I don't think I'll  continue on this adventure for many more lines.

My sister arrived at 8pm and we'll be leaving here well before noon as we need to make it over the pass before 3pm to beat the snow storm forecast.

I was packed all but last minute items and even had my shower before Carri arrived so I got to enjoy a relaxed visit.  This was quite an accomplishment for me.  But to make it happen I slept only 3 hours this morning so I'm looking forward to my bed.

Carri has just set up the folding cot she brought and I'm sure is as anxious as I to snuggle in after her long drive.  So I need to finish this so she can put it to bed too.

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