Thursday, March 17, 2011

But What About the Fur Babies?

Watch a Japanese woman reunited with her fur baby after the tsunami

As I watched video of the tsunami last Friday,my first thoughts were for the families and their terror, loss, injury, grief and the irrevocable upheaval of the survivors lives. But it wasn't more than a few breaths later that I began to worry and wonder about their fur babies--family pets. Probably because my imagination instinctively went to the What if it happened here scenarios and I live in a household with a cat and a dog, our neighbor on one side has several cats and our neighbor on the other two lap dogs.

And I remember vividly our two weeks living on the streets of Santa Clara County California after Ed lost his tech job with our two cats in crates and being ineligible to sleep in a shelter as long as I was unwilling to give them up.

I know many would see this as far far from a primary consideration. It would never be something we could expect a government agency to take responsibility for so that is why not-for-profit organizations who set up to provide rescue and support for animals in crisis--including post-catastrophic events--are so appreciated by those of us who know the profound bonds that are possible between a human and their fur babies first hand.

The is recommending Japan Earthquake Animal Relief which is accepting donations to help animals affected by the earthquake.
I assume has vetted this agency so I'm rushing to post this before doing so myself. If I should learn anything to the contrary I will update this post.

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