Monday, March 28, 2011

All Tied Up

she no take me srsly

Today I had a large batch of library items come due. Several are novels. One is a TV series season. A couple of the NF I expected to renew and they didn't because of requests which means it will be awhile before I get another turn with them so I'm trying to get what I can out of them.

Yesterday I actually started one of the novels, a 600+ pager, that I knew was out of renewals.

I've got two more episodes of the TV series: True Blood second season. And 200 odd pages left in Chris Bohjalian's The Double Bind.

I have until 9am Tuesday morning to finish with what I can. Anything I hang onto after that I'll be 'renting' at twenty cents per day per item.

I have three more DVD out of the library due on Thursday.

There are also six movies in my Instant Watch Queue on Netflix which are going to stop streaming at midnight Thursday night.

Midnight Thursday night is also the kick off for Script Frenzy.

And the clock continues to tick on the baby afghan and the silk shawl projects.

I am seriously starting to feel tied, tethered and trussed by all these due dates and deadlines.

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