Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Do or Not To Do

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It's Tuesday, the day I'm supposed to hold myself accountable on my attempts to get organized, efficient and get thing done by sharing my to do lists. But for the second week in a row I've done so little towards that and Xed off so few (as in zero) of the list items I blush in shame to show what I don't have to show for it. Last week I made myself do it anyway but it would bore not only me to copy/paste last week's list yet again.

So where has the time and effort been delegated if not to the list items? News and DVDs, posting and surfing blogs, IMing and streaming videos.

News tops the list as I've been glued to the breaking news from Japan since a hour or two after the quake last Friday. Which was the wee hours of Friday morning for me. Only forty some hours after posting last Tuesday's To Do list.

Disaster vigils are a particular forte of mine. A fairly useless one since I'm neither journalist nor clergy nor relief agency worker. Something I need to add to my massive master task list: develop a more useful way to channel my interest and energy and horror and grief in the aftermath of non-local disasters. I specify non-local since a local disaster would be one I'm a participant in and thus would fall under disaster preparedness which should go on the list as a separate task.

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