Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday To Do Lists

o hai aii fownd ur 2do lizt but dose missng sandz uv tyme? umm wel ai doan fink u wantz dose bak nao ai used dem 2do2

Well this week I need to paste a big fat FAIL on my to do list.

  • Work on GTD todo lists in Whiz Master Task List -- 1% or less
  • Read chapters 4-6 in David Allen's GTD -- 10%
  • Change bedding -- 0% (TMI)
  • Wash bedding -- 0%
  • Sort/organize one jumbled or junk box, drawer, shelf, cupboard, or closet area -- choose one that will make the most difference in immediate efficiency or productivity -- 0%
  • Clean out Gmail inbox -- 200/2500
  • Clean out MSN inbox -- 0%
  • Make bib slips for first time library books from July to present. -- 0%
  • Begin fringe work on bamboo baby afghan -- decide on method of attaching by experimenting with the stitches; cut several hundred white and 100 or so of each of five pastels; attach several inches of fringe pieces in time for picture for Thursday's baby afghan progress report. -- 0%
  • Read 100+ pages in Take One Candle Light a Room -- 10%
  • Begin work on review for City of Tranquil Light -- prepare bib info, cover image, author info and relevant web links; make notes on thoughts for review; collect quotes -- 5%
  • Begin work on review for This Year You Write Your Novel -- see above --
  • Get on mini-tramp at least every other day, increasing time on as able (currently at 15 min; goal of 30 min). graduate from standing to stepping if possible. -- 0%
  • Read 100+ pages in Blogging for Dummies -- 0%
Where time went:

  • Headache (for most of every waking hour)
  • Daily Posts
  • Spending time with library books going back or overdue (text & audio)
  • Spending time with library books coming home
  • Watching library DVD almost or over due
  • Watching Netflix DVD
  • Watching Netflix streaming esp the movies in my queue about to stop streaming
  • Listening to news pods
  • Surfing blogs
  • icanhascheezeburger.com
  • Daydreaming
  • Dreaming
The list remains essentially the same so I won't even bother to recreate it.

Except David Allen's Getting Things Done had to go back to the library yesterday. I can continue work on the lists based on the concepts I grasped and notes until I can get another copy. The library system has three circulating copies and all three were checked out in the last week so it could be a month or more. But I have just sent for the audio book of Allen's Making it all work: winning at the game of work and the business of life. Unabridged 9 hours. I can listen while crocheting and get two things done at once. :) But I probably won't have my hands on it before next Monday so no point in putting it on this week's list.

1 tell me a story:

Bonnie Jacobs 3/11/2011 1:17 PM  

You saw Every Visible Thing on my blog:

I used a different cover, even though the library copy I have looks exactly like yours. When I review the book, I'll use this cover.

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