Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silk Shawl @ 2 Weeks

At the end of the first week last Thursday I'd finished 20 rows on one leg and 18 on the other. I've only added 7 rows in the last week. The last two large love knot rows on that second leg and 5 of the 10 small love knot--AKA Solomon's Knot--on the first leg. That leaves 15 small knot rows. Unless I decide to work around the outer edge with another row or two or an edging with a different stitch.

I still haven't decided if I'm doing tassels. I'm sorta making this up as I go along. One idea I have is to make tassels out of strings of seed beads 2-4 inches long. That would save the expensive silk thread for other projects (bookmarks!) and also lend weight that would help pull the knott mesh open as it drapes over the shoulder.

The shawl is spread on a fleece blanket draped over the pillows and shams at the head of the bed. The picture at top was taken from the foot of the bed but for the one below I climbed up on the mattress and stood over the shawl and used the zoom function on my camera.

I liked this second angle better but it blurred and the color bleached a bit. So the other one got the top spot and I wasn't going to use the second at all but then decided to add it below as it gives a better sense of the size ratio between the sections and between the two knot sizes. As well as a better sense of how they appear straight on.

The shawl was not moved or adjusted between the shots. The ends of each leg are in a wad for lack of room. Approximately half of each leg is spread out. When I put the project away in its bag, the wad is about the same size as the remainder of the ball. The completed shawl (sans tassels maybe) will probably fit in a sandwich bag. Though the length of each leg is about 50 inches and the width about 16 when finished I'm estimating.

I didn't work on the baby afghan at all this week. Still frustrated with the way my ideas for attaching the fringe are not working out. I have a couple more ideas to try but the next few days will probably be all about Script Frenzy which is starting for me in about 40 minutes now as its almost 11:20 as I type this line. So I'm off to get signed in and to open my Celtix script ap and note files for Mobile Hopes.

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Anonymous,  4/01/2011 6:59 AM  

You go girl! I started two shawls a few years ago - and have only a couple more feet to complete both entirely. Since I live in Florida, our cool spells have been too short to inspire me... Hey! Maybe I oughtta turn them into beach blankets!!

- Nancy G

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