Saturday, December 18, 2010

LOLing About

cant fine wurdz n heh dey beddr kamoflawged den poodul n durty sno

Just took my daily LOLcat break. Captioned several myself this week and thought I'd just share a few of those that didn't head an earlier post.

I've been crocheting like mad all week--30 bookmarks from the new thread acquired since Monday. Yeah, I know I said I was supposed to set the new thread aside after Wednesday and return to the work on the Xmas gifts which now consists mostly of tail tucking and fringe applying.


Just did not have the will to resist the siren calls of the 16 new colors and textures.

Well I now have two left to crochet to meet the goal of two of each new thread color and type that joined my rainbow this week. Altho I've only worked single color patterns and am itching to start combining them in the multi-color patterns, I think once I get these last two done I can set aside the new thread and return to the Xmas gift projects with resolve. I have until Friday afternoon to have them ready for our family todo.

u mus hab mai purrmisshunz 2 climb teh laddr ob knawledge

deez storeez r unner mai purrtekshun

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