Monday, December 20, 2010

Grand Prix

Ed and I are about to watch Grand Prix and it won't be over before midnight so I'm opening a post to get the time stamp and will probably post something about the movie afterwards.

Later: Ed didn't make it to the end of the movie. He kept falling asleep so he gave up. He had been saying for an hour that it was almost over but though he'd seen it as a 10 year old and I'd never seen it, I could tell by the 'feel' of the story that it was closing in on the climax of the several story lines--three romantic relationships and the four racer's competing for the championship.

I sensed that even though I was mostly clueless in over half the scenes because I couldn't catch all the dialog. Ed asked that we not have captions as they interfere with the aesthetics of the cinematography and we couldn't have it turned up loud enough to compensate as his folks had gone to bed. So after I'd asked him for the fifth or sixth time in the first half hour what he/she had just said and caught a whiff of annoyance off him I decided to relax and crochet and get what I could out of the story and plan to watch it again alone on my netbook with headphones and captions before we send it back to the library.

Meanwhile I allowed the music of the soundtrack to trigger nostalgic memories of listening to my Dad's LP which had the themes of several movies one of which was this one.

I noticed Maurice Jarre's name in the titles as composer of the soundtrack and was intrigued as I became aware of Jarre from the soundtrack of Ghost which I used to own and nearly wore out the CD. Until I found the following YouTube montage of Jarre's soundtracks I was unaware he was responsible for Doctor Zhivago and Tin Drum as well. There were others on here that surprised me and also some that didn't show up on it that I was sure I remembered were his as well. I guess I need to look him up on Wikipedia to get the full scoop.

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