Saturday, December 11, 2010


bring mi da bluez  ai haz a sad

The order I made two weeks ago tonight has not yet arrived. It was originally supposed to come in 7 to 10 days from the moment of ordering but I didn't get the acknowledgment from FedEx until the following Tuesday and they started the 7 to 10 day clock at that time which should have made it between Tuesday and Friday of this week. Considering the season I had not hoped to see it before yesterday anyway but when it did not arrive by today I started feeling the creep of disappointment. That sinking sadness of let down. I know it is silly. I know it is childish. But there it is.

And it is not like I don't have plenty of thread to work with. And technically I don't need any of the thread in that order to finish the Xmas gift projects I have going and since there is only two weeks left for those to be finished I really shouldn't even be playing with my newest rainbow in a box until those projects are wrapped up--in both senses of that word.

Still I pout.

It looks promising for Monday though as the tracking says it left Kent WA last evening in the hands of the postal service.

So Monday. And just in case it doesn't arrive Monday I do have a substitute anticipation. Ed has promised to take me to Joanne's and Michael's to shop for replacement thread for several colors I'm running low on. Most of them needed for the Xmas projects. My red is nearly gone. I see more cardboard tube than thread. My yellow, purple and orange are low but only purple is needed for the Xmas projects.

Another source of my sadness is the discovery of a mistake in one of the Xmas gifts. I left out two rows from the middle of one of the purple coasters and will have to take out 8 rows and put them pack in after putting in the missing two.

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