Saturday, December 04, 2010

But I Always Do


I have bunches of library items coming due in the next week. Three of them are TV series with 900-1300 minutes. That's each BTW. Then there are 4 Inspector Lewis episodes and a Sandra Bullock movie--Murder By Numbers. These weren't all supposed to come home on the same day. If Ed had been able to pick them up as they arrived they would have been spread over two weeks with 3 or 4 due dates. The series are: House season 1; Joan of Arcadia season 1; and Forsyte Saga complete.

Then there are several books coming due with either holds on them or zeroed out renewals. One of them is the novel The Passage by Justin Cronin which I was in queue for since late July. It will be months before I get my hands on it again.

There are 38 items on my card and 23 on Ed's of which all but three I sent for for myself but even the three Ed checked out for himself I am highly interested in.

Plus I'm probably going to get my turn for Franzen's Freedom, the Oprah book club selection, sometime in the next week. I've been in queue for it since the morning she announced it. I think that was early October?

Library items aren't the only place where I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. I have too many projects in process: dozens of stories 5-50% written; daily blog posts; dozens of partially prepared book reviews, a number of them intended for the dozen or so reading challenges I joined over the last year; crocheting bookmarks; crocheting Xmas gifts; a website I've been working at creating for over a year; plans to start selling my crocheted bookmarks and/or patterns of those I created in electronic format; sorting junk boxes and drawers; two large cross stitch pictures; a dozen other partially done craft or mending projects; research projects related to one or more of the items above which contributes to the accumulation of library books.

That is still just a partial list.

So unless I can get some of those book reviews ready to post, I'll probably be continuing the practice of posting LOLcats with a minimum of commentary as I did throughout November while focused on NaNo. The primary focus for the next 17 or so days has to be getting the crocheted Christmas gifts finished. That is the shawl and coaster set for my sister-in-law; the coaster set for Ed's folks; an embroidered bookmark for my 8 year old grand nephew. And that is only a partial list and only for Ed's side of the family. There are a few on my side who celebrate Christmas (I was raised in a church that did not. And no it wasn't JW) for which I have intentions to crochet bookmarks or coaster sets. Tho for the bookmarks I just need to dress one of the 200 or so already crocheted. Then there is my Mom's birthday coming on January 3.....

Making that list is making me drowsy or driving me to put in a DVD and get lost in a story.

At least I can crochet while watching videos. That's how I've gotten one shawl, five coasters and a couple dozen bookmarks crocheted in the last six weeks. Plus tucking hundreds of tails on previously crocheted bookmarks. Which reminds me, it is time to take more pictures of the last month's work which will give me posting material that isn't off or youtube. Sometime in the next week there will also be pictures of the 13 new crochet thread balls on their way to me from care of FedEx.

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