Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Delivery Delayed

Invizbul yarn attak

Still waiting on that Joanne.com order of 13 crochet thread balls. It is nearly a week beyond the original expectation. But have been keeping myself distracted with the new thread I got yesterday at Wal-Mart and Michael's. Made several bookmarks. Aiming for two of each of the new thread's. Was going to take pics of the half dozen I have so far but my camera batteries died.

Well, at least I know the package has arrived at the Phoenix post office as of 5:30 this evening. I'd been following its progress through online tracking since the beginning and was quite frustrated when there had been no new info since it left Kent, WA the evening of the 10th.

So tomorrow then. Look for pics. I think I cans scrounge up batteries. My palms are fairly itching to get hold of those 13 thread balls and skeins. Only one is a replacement for one I've had before. Thee Parakeet Blue. The rest are new in either color or thread type or both. My hook will be flying over the next week.

I've still got finishing touches to put on the several Xmas gifts I have on the hook though so I've got to exercise a bit of discipline. Do not want a repeat of last year when I was working the hook for the last twenty hours before heading out the door for the family get together.

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