Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, I'll be Jiggered

This picture was the perfect expression of how I'm feeling on day 2 post-op.
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Had the 24 hour post op exam at the eye-clinic this morning and results are beyond expectations. At my intake exam several weeks ago I could only read the third line on the chart with my right eye. Today I could read the fourth line on the second page! Without my glasses. And that is just the day after!! There is still blurriness and other distortion due to swelling etc. which is to be expected and why I have to wait four weeks before being fitted for lenses for close work.

Last night just before Ed went to bed I started staring at his shirt completely fascinated by something and my eyes kept going back when I tried to look elsewhere. I reminded myself of a baby who'd just discovered their hands and stare at them hypnotized. I finally figured out that it was because I was seeing the wrinkles in his T-shirt and the gape of his shirt pocket in 3D. For the first time in five years my eyes were coordinating to see in 3D. So I've been doing a lot of staring at things at the 6-10 foot range which is were the lens they put in my eye is set to focus.

Ed and his mom have both commented that I'm moving around better. With more confidence and less hesitation. I guess I just trotted out of the doctor's office today and headed for the car door and didn't need my MIL's elbow or even her warnings of or guidance around obstacles. I wasn't even aware I was doing that nor of any sense that it was abnormal and it should have felt odd since it had not been common for some time--years.

Then this evening Ed and I were sitting visiting on the front porch after dark and I was exclaiming over being able to see this and that in the light of the sodium vapor security lamp over the pool behind our yard that lights up portions of our yard near bright as day. I was describing things I was seeing that I'd not known were there or not seen in awhile and ed suggested I stand out on the end of the porch and look up at the sky and see if I could see any stars. I had to stare straight at the dark sky for over a minute before I started to see darker shapes against the dark that reminded me of trees and when I told Ed he directed me to look a tad up and to my right. I actually startled and said 'Whoa!' when this bright tiny light popped into view. I had found Venus! It was the only one I could spot even after another ten minutes of trying and not really a star but it is the first light in the sky besides the moon and landing jets that I've seen in years.

So I'm pretty pumped. I can't wait til I get my new prescription glasses so I can read and sew with my right eye again. The lenses they put in the eye to replace the lens damaged by cataracts are not able to multifocus like the normal eye so you end up with one distance for focus and need prescription lenses for the other distances--like close work. I have to wait at least a month though before they'll even issue a prescription as it takes that long for the eye to settle down to a new normal.

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