Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book Review: The Cat Who Wasn’t A Dog by Marian Babson

The Cat Who Wasn’t A Dog
by Marian Babson
Published by Thomas Dunne Books
© 2003
206 pp

Genre: Murder mystery; who done it; cat mystery

A fun romp with the aging stage and screen actresses, Trixie and Evangeline, encountered in previous Babson novels. From histrionics to hysteria, from humor to horror it is everything a Babson fan has been led to expect. Or so I hear. This is my first encounter with a Marian Babson mystery and with Trixie and Evangeline and I was thoroughly charmed. Especially by the cat, Cho Cho San who was rescued from a burning taxidermists office in the first chapter and from that point on is embroiled in the twists and turns of the plot. She’s a mystery, she’s a clue, she’s a motive, she’s a witness. She’s a flirt and a glutton. She claims the heart of more than one. And I am among them. I’m a glutton for flirty kitties.


I read this and wrote the review sometime between spring 2004 and spring 2005 and posted it on my Joyread site. Re-reading my review just now reminded me of how fun this story was and how I intended to chase down more of Babson's cat mysteries. Somehow I never did. Am putting her name in my book wishlist now so I don't forget again. I would head over to the library catalog right now except that it's online catalog is down for maintenance for three days this week.

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