Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last Home-Alone-Saturday til April

Ssh!  iz trying to reed.
moar funny pictures

Today was the last day of dirt track racing in the Rogue Valley and thus my last home-alone-Saturday until next April. I treated it like a holiday instead of a chore day as usual. It helped that it was a double race day weekend with races held Friday also so I was able to get the must-do chores done yesterday. Today I spent a full four hours reading in one novel. And it is a complete escapism novel. A near-future sci-fi possible end of the world scenario. It's Greg Bear's Quantico and it could almost be ripped from current headlines. It's a page turner and I need to start turning those pages again soon. Got interrupted mid sentence when my sister called and then spent over an hour on the phone with her and my mom.

Mom, btw, is doing quite well. She carried her end of the conversation so well in fact I almost couldn't tell the difference from how it was before the stroke last November. She was maybe talking slower than typically back then but it sounded no worse than fatigue.

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