Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Serenity #145

Ed and I spent a couple hours at Lithia Park in Ashland this afternoon. I love this park. I love the whole town of Ashland. If it were up to me I would live here. And yet, though we live a twenty minute drive away it's been six years since I've been to Lithia park and until two weeks ago it had been six years since I'd been to Ashland. It is thanks to the fact our new healthcare provider's office is situated in Ashland that I got to come--twice in the last two weeks for my doctor appointments concerning my BP and then today I accompanied Ed who had to have blood drawn at the lab after a 12 hour fast. After which we headed over to the park for a picnic we'd brought along.

Ed shot the video with my little digital camera. He has a steadier hand and besides he's ten inches taller and could get the shot over the top of the bushes which I'd been trying to get around by leaning over this rickety wooden guardrail beside a steep drop-off five feet above the water and rocks. A bit of poor judgement on my part.

A few yards downstream from where we shot that video we entered the park by crossing this stone bridge. This is the down stream side of the bridge showing what used to be the wading pool. Ed remembers playing in this area on many occasions as a kid and about eighteen years ago we brought our 3 year old nephew to play here. But currently signs are posted forbidding it as the water is contaminated.

Just across the bridge on the upstream side is the children's playground.

But several children seemed more enthralled by the water even though they could only watch it.

This was our picnic spot. It is also the spot I used to come study at when I was going to college at Southern Oregon State College in 1985-87. I would walk the mile or so from the campus to the middle of the park with my huge book bag (this was before rolling backpacks) and do my reading assignments until it was time for my 45 minute commute home--25 minutes on the bus plus a 20 minute walk to our apartment. Although this spot had changed quite a bit it was still enough the same that it triggered a lot of memories of that time. One of the happiest two years of my life.

Following are three shots I took of the creek as we crossed bridges on our walk up stream.


This is the amphitheater where free events are staged throughout the spring, summer and fall. The benches seen there to the left are moved out into the grassy area seen in the picture below for performances.

This is the backside of amphitheater which Ed has fond memories of climbing to to top of with his siblings and cousins as a kid. He pointed out to me the proof that kids must still be doing it. Check out the worn off paint on the corner of the electrical box below. Ed says that's where you need to plant your foot to hoist yourself up onto the slope. The edge of the slope is about waist to hip high on an adult.

electrical box

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