Monday, September 21, 2009

So Far So Good

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Cataract surgery this morning went smooth and my only complaint tonight is it feels like I got a whisker in my eye. It's not pain per se. Just annoying and am constantly on edge resisting the urge to rub or poke it which I'm strictly forbidden to do. There's already great improvement especially for distances around six to ten feet. Though there is still some blurriness I got a hint of 3D when gazing at something about six feet away which indicates my two eyes are trying to coordinate already and haven't forgotten how even though its been at least five years since they could.

The right eye is not up to close work yet though--reading and sewing and computer work will be carried by my left eye for awhile longer. It will be so awesome when my right eye can start doing its share with those tasks again as my left is more compromised by the RP than the right and has less field of vision remaining with loss of vision (scattered blind spots) encroaching on the center and loss of color definition. It will be about a month before the vision in my right eye stabilizes enough to have a prescription lens ordered for it so I need to practice patience awhile longer. Am ecstatic to discover that color definition not only did not worsen but possibly improved in my right eye post op. That means I can continue to enjoy needlework with a full rainbow palette.

Meanwhile, on other fronts: Ed was sent home from work early today due to a power outage that was due to a power substation being damaged by one of the two major wildfires that were threatening residential areas in Meford and Ashland. We sit between the two and the smoke got pretty intense even here. But nothing like what Ed's mom had to contend with when she got off work in Ashland.

The power was off here for around two hours. I woke up to it having finally lain down to sleep about ten this morning. I'd been chilled for some reason so had put on a flannel shirt for the first time since June. I left the fans on though did turn down the one blowing directly on the bed. When I woke up at 3:30 it was to an over-quiet, over-warm, and stuffy room. My eyes and throat were dry to the point of significant discomfort. My laptop was operating on battery and was so low that it would have initiated hibernation within a couple of minutes if I hadn't done so immediately.

So. No light to read by. No TV. No boom box. No computer or internet. And no more of the happy juice they pumped into me this morning to make me not care so much. My inclination was to got back to sleep but it was past time to put in the next round of eye drops (3 kinds 4x a day) and past time for taking my bp meds which meant I'd need to eat something. So I got up. and without the usual distractions I fretted about the people, pets and wild animals affected by the two blazes and the smoke filling the valley and the firefighters on the planes and copters and on foot. About what if this and what if that.

I was disappointed when the power did not come back in time for the start of Oprah at 4 because it was to be all about the sixties with the set and people costumed and decorated to reflect the 1960s TV era. Major nostalgia kick as that was my pre-teen years and my first exposure to TV. When the power resumed about fifteen after four though Oprah was continually interrupted with breaking news from the fire fronts. Which I was actually more interested in in spite of how into this particular show I'd been. So that's one Oprah show I'll be looking forward to catching rerun season.

As if there hadn't been enough to deal with, Merlin got off his harness outside again this evening and was gone for about half an hour. Ed tried to chase him down but there was little point to it as it was dark and there are too many cars, bushes and porches for him to hide under. He came back of his own accord but then tried to take off again when he found us all on the porch blocking his way in to his dishes and litter box. The four of us corralled him down by the car in the driveway though I'm sure he could have evaded and taken off again if he'd truly wanted to. I'm sure he was wanting his food. But it wasn't until Ed and his folks had blocked his path on three of his possible escape routes and turned him in my direction that we managed to get him. He didn't so much as come to me as surrender when he saw me. Instead of darting in another direction like he had for each of them, he crouched down and waited for me to reach down and pick him up.

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