Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009-12 Link Luv

I just discovered this past weekend that Weekley Geeks, the meme begun by Dewey (of 24 Hour Read-a-thon fame) had been carried in Dewey's honor after her passing last November.

WG now has its own blog hub.

This week's assignment was a revival of one of Dewey's early WG assignments: to announce on your blog your willingness to link to another reviewers review of a review you have posted and if possible make it easy for visitors to find your archived reviews so they can peruse them for reviews you may have in common with them.

I so paraphrased that. Go here for the assignment verbatim.

Last August I created a post I called a Book Review Portal in which I began to collect the links to my book reviews on Joystory. I only included a few of the most recent reviews at that time. I kept meaning to return and update with newer reviews as they were promised. And kept meaning to finish wading through my archives to ferret out all reviews from the past four promised. But, well, life butted in.

Well, this assignment gave me the push to get that pesky task done. I've spent hours this week going through my archives and adding the book review links to the book review portal. I hope to get a button or link to the Book Review Portal in my sidebar eventually along with the portals to my poetry and fiction which both need updating as well. As does my sidebar though I have finally started dabbling at getting it groomed and gussied up. After three years of neglect it had as many broken links as an abandoned tennement has broken windows.

Anyway visit Book Review Portal see if I've reviewed anything you have reviewed. If so visit my review and leave the link to your review in comments and I'll update my review with your link and visit your review if I can. (Though as long as I'm still helping out here at my Mom's, time for blog visiting is limited.)

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