Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Serenity #122

These were actually taken Friday after Mom and I put the last tile on the board at the end of our four hour Scrabble game. But can you think of a more serene way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

I love word games.

But the significance of these pictures goes much beyond the love of word games and words. It is a measure of how far my Mom has come since her post surgery stroke last November.

We didn't play be the typical Scrabble rules either. This was more of an exercise for Mom. We allowed her unlimited use of the dictionary to look for words as exposure to those word lists is nothing but good for her. We also allow her use of proper nouns as they were hit hardest by her aphasia. We also allowed her unlimited time to look for words. And we didn't keep score.

The implications of this as to Mom's ultimate recovery go beyond serenity into the realm of joy.

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Jamie 4/17/2009 11:31 AM  

That's really awesome about Mom. I'm glad that she was able to play scrabble, since she loves that game so much. I'm so grateful...

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