Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kitty TV

This is Bradley, my nephew's cat, sitting on one of his favorite spots. Through the big front window he watches birds, traffic, dogs walking people, cats from the neighborhood and people on foot and on bikes.

Bradley was a rescue kitty. He was found by someone on the side of a road with an apparently broken hind foot. He was taken to the Humane Society whose doctor was contemplating amputating the foot because an xray showed what looked like shrapnel. But instead they waited to see how he managed.

My brother's daughter at that time was fostering litters and sick or injured cats for the Humane Society and Bradley became her charge. This was back in 2004, I believe, after my Dad's first surgery. That was the summer my sister moved in with her son to help out during Dad's cancer treatment.

When my sister's son met Bradley at my brother's house in Portland he connected with him. He was about ten at the time. Then when Bradley was deemed healthy enough to be placed my parents adopted him but he has always been considered my nephew's kitty.

They never did amputate that leg and it sticks out to the side a bit and Bradley waddles and sometimes has difficulty leaping to a high surface and he is very particular about how you pick him up and how you hold him.

Another of his favorite spots to sit is on the back of any chair someone is sitting in. Below he is on the back of the office chair where moments before he was watching an episode of Lost on the computer with my sister, her son and myself. When my sister had to go answer the phone I went and grabbed my camera hoping to get a picture of him watching the computer screen but of course all the activity on the screen had stopped when my nephew paused it and the more interesting stuff was in my sister and myself to-ing and froing. I was lucky he didn't hop down while I was gone.

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Bonnie Jacobs 4/14/2010 5:47 AM  

Bradley is a beautiful cat.

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