Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #107

I have been feeling a bit bleh for over a week and considered passing on TT for the first time since I started but then I remembered that list of silly made up author/title combos I've been doling out 13 at at time for TT over the last year whenever I'm pressed for time or out of ideas. It's been awhile and putting this together is mostly copy/paste so I'm going to go ahead and put it up tho I may not do much visiting today. We are in the Hs now.

To clarify and anticipate certain misunderstanding from previous viewers of these author/title combos:

These are not real books so no, I've not read any of them let alone all of them.

I did not make these up myself. But I remember playing this game with my siblings and friends as a kid. Though there have been many on this list that remind me of those I heard as a kid there have also been many that would have gone over my head back then and several that, in my opinion, are not kid friendly and I've edited them out--those that tap into bigotry, hate, violence, demeaning of women or R rated graphic sexual contexts.

These are off a list that my sister forwarded to me in an email four years ago. It was eleven pages long in ten point font.

And Yet Thirteen More Silly Author/Title Combos

  1. Hiya Fella: Gladys Eeya
  2. Holiday Spots by Sandie Beaches
  3. Hollywood Gossip: Phyllis Zinn
  4. Holmes Does it Again by Scott Linyard
  5. Home Alone IV by Annie Buddyhome
  6. Home of the Liberty Bell: Phil A. Delphia
  7. Hot Dog! by Frank Furter
  8. House Construction by Bill Jerome Holme
  9. House Plants: Clay Potts
  10. Housework: Dustin Cook
  11. How I Won The Marathon: Randy Hoelway
  12. How to Annoy by Aunt Agonize
  13. How To Beat A Murder Rap: Scott Free

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