Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm a Twitter Tweet

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I've never been much for social networking either on or off line. I've resisted the urges from friends to join them on this one or that one. I've got a blog and several email accounts to manage already which are often enough to overwhelm me as it is. But when I learned from the Holly Lisle newsletter that she was throwing herself a birthday bash in which she was giving presents of several of her products and the only way to enter was to follow her on Twitter--I followed.

You can learn more about her birthday giveaway here.

And here's my Twitter profile. I have no idea what else this is good for other than wasting time and gossip and if, by the end of Holly's birthday bash I've not found another productive reason to hang out there I'll probably let it lie fallow.

I had a glimmer of an idea that there might be a way for me to promote the next book giveaway on Joystory (should there be one) via Twitter but as of this moment I still don't quite know how to go about doing that even after wasting spending nearly two hours on the site at the time I signed up.

Any thoughts?

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