Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Forays In Fiction: Writerz Blox

more animals

I seldom have writer's block anymore and I don't believe that's the real issue today either. I'm feeling unwell and that's the only explanation necessary for not having anything to say today. So I went looking for an LOLcat to post in place of my Friday Forays In Fiction but when I saw this one I saw a way to still call it an FFIF post even though I don't intend to muse on the subject today. I thought other writers would get a kick out of the pic and to telegraph it was an LOL cat pic I spelled it in LOLese in the post title. But this does give me an idea for a future post about the ways I have learned how to win most of my duels with writer's block.

Meanwhile you can probably expect more LOLcats from me in the next couple days. Though I could end up surprising us all.

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