Monday, October 06, 2008


<-- pic is of a bronze sculpture of a shelf of books displayed on the mantel over the fireplace at our new Phoenix branch library.

Just a short announcement today as I've been awake since 3AM having fallen asleep last night just about this time. Haven't been feeling well for nearly a week and it's been affecting my vision. Had thought it was sleep deprivation and eye strain that a couple days of catch up rest would fix but Ed just told me he's been fighting a cold for a week so that sheds new light. I'd assumed it was his usual fall allergies and I think he even said so around the time it first came on. Well I can hope, anyway, that that's not what's up with me.

Anyway that wasn't the announcement. This is: I joined Goodreads last week. Another social network!! What's become of me? This one is for reader's to keep track of what their friends are reading and share their ratings and reviews of books with each other. We'll see what will come of my participation. I do tend to get serially enthused with various new projects or fun things. Like my LOL cat enthusiasm which took hold two weeks ago and hasn't really let up yet.

Anyway here is my profile page at Goodreads for anyone interested in comparing reading lists. I spent hours today browsing the books to make a record of what I've read, what I'm hoping to read soon and what I'm currently reading. I've not come close to even a fair representation of what I've read. Considering that I've averaged 100 finished books per year for over thirty years. The last five years it has been closer to sixty but before my visual impairment took its toll it was closer to 150. And that doesn't even count all the books that I've encountered and started, for many of which I've read well over ten percent. That is the fate of many non-fiction books I encounter. And it isn't that I gave up on them it is usually because they were library books and they came due and other library books took their place or they were for a research project and I scooped up everything remotely relevant and then the project that I needed them for was put on a back burner.

Serial enthusiasms.

So much for brief.

What I started today with my Goodreads 'shelves' was to take one fav author at a time as they come to me and go through their entire list and indicate my rating if I've read it and put it in my TBR shelve if I want to read it. I also listed the most prominent of the books that I am currently reading. That list will get longer as I put in it anything that I've checked out repeatedly from the library over the last year and have been advancing my bookmark in.

The aspect of this that drew me in was the ability to check fairly comprehensive lists of all the works of my fav authors and put in my TBR any of their books that I've missed and want to read.

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