Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still Reading the Rented Library Book

Nora the Piano Playing Cat
if you like this one follow it back to youtube for more Nora videos, including her being featured on TV shows

(I embedded the video as a substitute for posting something substantial. But then went ahead and chattered on....and on below. But I guess I'll leave the vid even though it relates not at all to the theme of the post.)

As I mentioned last night, I'm pushing to finish a library book that is a week overdue and costing me 20 cents per day. I fell asleep last night after less than two pages! Then today, while I had the room to myself I began an organizing project that involved piling a bunch of stuff on the bed to sort and rearrange etc. This too is a high priority project that must be done before NaNo starts at 12AM Saturday morning. It is my writing workspace. I knew I could read after Ed was asleep so I spent several hours working at preparing my physical workspace for NaNo this afternoon.

And this evening after my in-laws went after the mail (over ten days worth held for them while they were on a Baja cruise with their youngest son) I was presented with my ballot. Yay! And several books. Yippee! One which I won in the second read-a-thon last June and because of a mixup am just now getting: The Maternal is Political edited by Shari MacDonald Strong. The other four books were from Amazon and mostly paid for by the $20 gift certificate I got for posting about FieldReport awhle back. We added some to qualify for the free shipping for orders over $25.

One of those books was The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski which is the current Oprah Book club selection. My turn for the library book came last week the day after I ordered my own copy. I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it in the three weeks alotted what with NaNo prep and then NaNo daily quotas and would then have to go back in queue for weeks. So I used my gift certificate for it.

I was about to babble on to talk about the other three books too but I should really be using this time to read the one I'm paying by the day for!! Besides, I've made my point about where my time went today and the sooner I finish that library book, the sooner I can start Edgar Sawtelle.

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