Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Serenity #29

I was really resisting putting up my Sunday Serenity today. And I knew that just meant I needed it that much more than those times when it is easy. Here I return to the roots of this exercise for me. My first Sunday Serenity was put up as an effort to stop associating Sunday primarily with the death of my beloved cat, Gremlyn, who had died on a Sunday a few weeks earlier. My Gremlyn was a very vocal kitty and we held long conversations that went something like:

G: Meow?
J: What?
G: Meeeeeow
J: You don't say!
G: Murrreow purrrrlinow
J: That's some story girl.
G: Yearrowl Grrrrrrnow
J: Tell me more
G: Rawwwerrowl meeearowl
J: Nobody will believe it
G: Yurrrrlum mawl

Gremlyn alway had to have the last word. But if I stopped responding before she wanted to stop, she would reach for my mouth or chin to remind me it was my turn and if that didn't work, she would nip my nose to elicit an "Ow!" and get the conversation going again.

I miss her so much sometimes. Especially when I've been sick like this past week. She was such a comfort, curling up and purring under my chin, grooming my face, purrling into my ear.

Her markings were similar to the kitty in this video who's saying "You say what?" She was an Abyssinian/Siamese/Tabby mix with the Tabby stripes on face, tail and limbs; the Siamese personality and vocal traits; the Abyssinian salt, pepper, paprika marking on her back and small size. As an adult she was often mistaken for a six month old kitten.

Join us in a moment of serenity. (laughter counts)

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