Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I've Got NaNo Fever


The typewriter in the NaNo icon reminds me so much of my first typewriter, a little portable Underwood that was at least ten years older than I was when I received it for my thirteenth birthday. On November 13th 1970.

In just two hours and a few minutes I get to start writing the story that I've spent the last nineteen days dreaming and jotting notes for. I'm raring to go.

This year my story is a love story. I was going to try to do a straight romance genre story but I seem to be incapable of creating characters and plots that don't take me into philosophical musings. So I've listed my novel as literary fiction at NaNo again this year. The icon above links to my profile at the sight.

My novel is titled Spring Fever. It is the story of Graham Palmer Simons a Professor of Medieval poetry with a special interest in Dante's Divine Comedy; his wife Holly Dawn Harper also a professor but a poet in her own right whose work explores the concepts of time, seasons, and change; a grad student Maia Fleur Robins who's thesis is on the symbols of transformation embedded in the Tarot. Maia's thesis adviser is Holly but she must take classes from Graham. She and Graham get off to a rocky start when she arrives late to her first class with him. Their encounters after that simmer with intense emotions; not just the resentment but because of an instant mutual attraction that neither can afford to be conscious of. But Holly notices and gives it her blessing, though she says nothing to either of them. She sets out to matchmake them, seeing in Maia Graham's potential salvation in the event of her impending death. Holly knows she is fast approaching the end stage of the MS she has battled for fifteen years and she knows that Graham is in denial about it and fears for his sanity after she is gone. For the loss of his first love in a tragic accident had sent him into a tailspin from which he barely escaped with life and mind intact. Meanwhile Maia has recently been badly betrayed by a professor from her undergraduate years and has no wish to think about another relationship let alone with another professor twenty years her senior.

I don't know yet but I suspect that I am going to be alternating POV among these three.

I once posted the original storyseed for this story here, the beginnings of a scene I wrote years ago. It is a story that has been simmering in my imagination for nearly ten years. But in honor of the NaNo requirement that no scenes be written ahead of November 1, I was disqualifying this story. But I was desperate and decided that instead of disqualifying the story entire, I would just forbid myself to look at that storyseed again until at least several days into NaNo. Not even to remind myself of character's names and descriptions. I haven't looked at in in over a year. I found the link to it in my archives by its title.

I've thirty minutes left before I can

3 tell me a story:

Bonnie Jacobs 11/01/2007 8:39 AM  

So Bonnie became Holly, huh?
: )

We both have professors in our stories. I wonder if they are all at the same university. Now wouldn't THAT be fun!

Jamie 11/01/2007 5:26 PM  

I am glad you found your inspiration. Good Luck and happy writing.

Julia Phillips Smith 11/01/2007 6:40 PM  

Go, Joy, go! Happy NaNo-ing.

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