Thursday, November 30, 2006

NaNoWriMo Progress Report #3

This is mostly just a place setter because it completely demoralized me to realize that I was about to stack a third Thursday Thirteen on top of two others with zero posts sandwiched between. This sad neglect of Joystory is due to NaNoWriMo pressures among other more normal life and seasonal pressures--migraines, family duty, holiday commitments, the intrusive drama from the lives of those close to me that I found difficult to disengage from and which crowded out my story's drama..

Equally demoralizing is the realization that with all that I neglected in order to invest in NaNoWriMo, I am not going to reach the finish line once again which makes it 0 for 3 for me. I can only say that it has been worth it anyway. I will go into more detail in the coming week as now is not the time to be waxing analytical.

I have about twenty more hours to cram word-count--but can probably only count on ten awake hours. The meter to the left is not reflective of the reality as I stopped updating it three weeks ago. I have only a vague notion of the true word-count because, when I cut loose I stopped differentiating between narrative and notes. When a thought grabbed me while I was in the middle of writing a scene I just wrote about it from right where I was so in order to get a true word-count I would have to wade through and cut and paste those into separate files. It's easily triple what that meter says though and I hope it is more than that.

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