Friday, September 01, 2006

Stay Tuned for Storyseeds

Well, I'm off to Grandma's here in a bit. Just wanted to post one more time to let you know that there will be one post per day while I'm away. I got the drafts prepared and my husband is going to go online after the races each night to post them for me. I decided to show three of the storyseeds that have lain fallow in my files for years. What I call storyseeds are single scenes of several paragraphs to a page of fictional narrative and dialog for a story idea. I haven't shared too many examples here of my fiction so I thought it might be a treat or at least of some interest. These three stories still intrigue me enough I don't give up on them yet I don't go back to work on them either. But some of the stories I have finished remained storyseeds for years so I haven't given up hope for any of these or the other half-dozen like them.

If the storyseeds whet your appetite for more, you can find three complete stories of mine posted on my Joywrite site. The link is in my sidebar. If you've already read those and still want more I guess you'll just have to beg me to write more like my neice of late. I do have two completed stories that are not posted anywhere which I've been holding back partly because I concider them my best work and am afraid to loose them on the net and partly because, althought they do stand alone, they are also chapters in a planned novel. It was one of those stories my neice read and went gaga over.

Speaking of my neice. She brought me Christmas in August yesterdy. Volumes 7-12 of Lemmony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events; the boxed sets of the first three seasons of The Gilmore Girls on DVD; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie on DVD; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book. They are all loaners but she says I can have them at least until the school year is over next spring.

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