Saturday, September 23, 2006

Deferred Gratification

Big developments in our hoursehold. We got broadband. I've been salivating over the idea for two years. It will solve so many of the inconviences for me. That and the accompanying WIFI connection that is supposed to allow me to access the home network from my room with my laptop. We got hooked up Thursday but have been unable to get the home network to recognize my laptop as part of the network. My husband's work hours have prevented him from resolving the issue. So I spent the last two days trying to resolve it myself, using help files, troubleshooters and online help. I'v gotten an education in internet and local area network connectivity but I haven't solve it yet. Though I do think I pinpointed the nature of the problem.

I haven't been posting or doing any of my other work since Thursday evening and now it is time to get ready to go to Grandma's for my Saturday night sleepover. I'm taking my laptop with me so my husband won't be able to do anything until I get home tomorrow afternoon. Not that he would have much time for it before than anyway. He is working this morning and going to the races from there and won't be home until near midnight anyway. He was impressed by what I did because even though I didn't solve it, I eliminated a lot of possibilities that he would have had to test for. Now he is going to call the tech service as his next step instead of spending more time trying to sort it out himself. He would have done that this morning if he hadn't had to work.

I am so excited about this development and yet so dissappointed that I can't access the broadband with my laptop yet. I can't wait. I'm going to get so much more done. I won't be tied to the graveyard shift.

It is going to be hard to switch gears now. I've been OBSESSED for two days. But I have no choice. I have to go get ready to go to Grandma's

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