Friday, September 15, 2006

It May Not Be Cash...

But it’s twice as good as the next best thing. I’m speaking of my reviewers copy of Sydney Blumenthal’s new book, How Bush Rules: Chronicles of a Radical Regime. This is a first for me and it thrills me. It’s like getting paid to read. Plus, not only do I not have to wait months in the library queue for my turn, I have it before it is even in the book stores. This is a milestone for me. Now I have to read it and post reviews on Blogcritics and Joystory. The former is the crucial one though as it is my membership in Blogcritics Yahoo Group that garnered me this honor. The book arrived Tuesday and I’ve been spending time with it--browsing, skipping around, skimming. I haven’t started reading from page one yet. I like to skip around in Non-Fic books before I start at the beginning and slog through from first to last page. It helps give me a feel for the thesis and the writing style and the content of the argument. Also the quality of sources and the author’s expertise.

So this explains my lack of posting this week. This and the slew of books and movies coming due at the library today.

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