Sunday, September 24, 2006


Fixed! My husband got my laptop formally introduced to the new wireless modem. He spent over half an hour on the phone with a tech guy and they were still unable to figure it out. The tech guy then reccomended he go to the HP tech help site since both the PC and the laptop are HP. He spent half an hour reading tutorials on the HP site and located the problem without having to get live help from HP. Guess what the problem was? He had typed the encryption key in wrong at the beginning of the process last Thursday. I hadn't thought to check that, assuming that the fact the PC was connected just fine meant there hadn't been any errors that early in the process.

I had been hovering near him for most of the process but about ten minutes before he found the solution I had decided to pick up my book and sit in a chair across the room. When he got the laptop connected, he exclaimed, "Joy!" really loud. I was reading an intense scene and was deep in the story. I had one of my trademarked startle reactions which about launched the novel across the room. The adrenaline rush that ensued browned out my vision. My mother-in-law sitting in the recliner next to mine about jumped out of her skin because of my startled gasp and flung up arms. Everybody had a good laugh. I then made the mistake of standing up to walk across the room to get a look at my laptop screen which was now sporting my new MSN account page. I took about three steps and my legs buckled and I had to sit on the floor. I didn't dare try to stand up again for three minutes. And before I could start playing online, I had to go get something to eat.

Well, I need to post this for now. They are about to call dinner. My husband is BBQing his own Bday dinner. His brother and our nephew are here for dinner as they were just working on fixing a leak on the roof.

But I'll probably be back before I sleep.

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