Friday, October 16, 2020

Say Me Else I Shall Not Be

Say Me Else I Shall Not Be
Joy Rnee

Words gone astray
Gone away
Words gone missing
Stolen away
Words gone south
Gone out of my mouth
Gone out of my mind
Wordless I wail,
Words! Oh my words
Where are you?
Words fail?
Words be!
I command thee.
Words now! says me.
Say me
Else I shall not be.
How am I without you?
Who am I without you?
Words! My words! Return unto me!
Words! Be mine again.
Oh my word
Do not deny me
Do not betray me
Must I beg?
I will beg.
Beggar am I
See me? A
Wordless beggar
Wandering circuitous streets
For you my light
Refuse to shine.
How shall I find my way without you?
Who will find me without your signal?
Without words there is no significance.
Without significance, I stumble
Down dark alleys of woe
With tattered thoughts aflutter
About my brow.  
A crown of unknowing.
Clothed in a snarl of tangled threads
Shod in flip-flopping moods
I fall and nothing stays me
I reach out and nothing reaches back
For there are no words
Wordless I crawl among the shards
Of the unmaking of my world
Shedding trains of thought that
Scuttle off undefined
Aborted by silence.
Never to be.
Hear my plea.
You must say me
Else I shall not be.

Rereading this on Sunday, I can see I've still got some punctuation cleanup to do to clarify meaning.  I will be editing this once I get it figured out in the draft.

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