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My Other Desktops

3 of 5 Desktops
 In my Tuesday post, Scrivener and the Whiz, I presented screenshots of my laptop's desktop as I worked on the structural rewrite of my story, Blow Me a Candy Kiss.  Today I thought it fitting to show the other four desktops as they appear when I'm lost in candy land.

This is my workstation working.

A Desktops Atop a Desktop
 Working on the rewrite draft itself happens on these two desktops.

Here I'm preparing to transfer my notes on the marked up hard copy into the digital files.

Yeah that's printed in landscape with tiny font and crowded lines.  I forgot to check the settings.

A Tiny Swivel and a Scoot Left
 Here's the reference desk.

And the cafeteria. :)

90 Degree Swivel and a Scoot Left
On the tray table that used to be my laptop desk is an earlier draft in my hardcopy portfolio where I have the pages in plastic sleeves--2 back-to-back in each sleeve.  Setting up this table was supposed to be temporary and task specific but I've not cleared it off and folded it back up for nearly two weeks.  That cannot go on much longer as I can't hang up my clothes or get to things in the cart drawers.  And it makes the space in here like the interior of a pinball machine.

This is my preferred method of 'marking up' manuscripts--using Post Its on the protective cover. The colors are a code indicating the type of edit needed which I use also with colored pencil or ink on paper and font and highlight on screen:

  • grammar, spelling, punctuation and style=green
  • reference and research, including geography, real world historical events, word usage, fact check, name meaning=red
  • story elements like setting, theme and its supporting metaphors and images=blue
  • character traits and motives=yellow
  • plot and structure=orange
  • Fruits of the Spirit (FOS) storyworld consistency, especially timeline=purple
  • rewrites or inserts of new material or suggested removal or moving of material elsewhere--usually 3x5 to 6x9 sheets attached with post it glue, tape or clip=white
BTW the top five sheets in the folder on the left is the character roster for the FOS storyworld as it was about four years ago when it stood at about 150 and the title count was 32.  

FOS is shorthand for the working title of what I once thought of as a series--By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them.  Tho that is a reference to the Biblical fruits listed in Galatians, these are not Christian stories.  They are rather a philosophical musing on the difference between belief in dogma or doctrines and a living out in spirit and action of the Spirit inspired principles of the faith.

There are many faith communities represented in this storyworld shaping up to be more akin to Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County than a series.  I make that comparison only in the sense of how characters walk in and out of each other's stories.  In FOS setting is not an organizing force as Yoknapatawpha County is for Faulkner.  It's possible that serving a similar role is the sect founded by a small group immigrating to the west after the civil war and its splinters and their ripple effects over the next ten or so generations.

I've long realized that this storyworld has been my self-propelled healing therapy for the devastating loss in the mid 90s of the church community of my childhood which was a splinter off a Texas branch of a sect founded in England by John Darby in the mid 1800s.  A story I've told elsewhere on Joystory.

Right 45 Degrees and Write

I'm rediscovering the physical joy of composing by hand.  The way it was in the beginning.

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