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JuNoWriMo 2014 Goals

Signups have begun for JuNoWriMo. They're having a drawing for writerly goodies for which you gain entries for signing up and spreading the word.

I got carried away writing my profile bio at the site so I'm making it my JuNo intentions post instead.

I've been writing stories for fifty years, beginning with picture books at age six which were basically captioned pictures.  (No wonder I love making LOLcats!)  The Adventures of Abraham Penny, begun at age nine, was the most complex picture book story with the most pages. It followed an intrepid penny given as change to a young boy buying candy who puts it in his pocket and later when pulling out his marbles Abe falls out, rolls into a gutter, is picked up by a tire, found by the older boy washing his Dad's car who uses it to play the game tossing pennies at the wall and looses it to another boy who pays his sister to deliver a note to the neighbor girl....after another half dozen or so such adventures a young girl on a ferry drops Abe overboard where he spends a long time on the ocean floor before he is eaten by a fish who is eaten by bigger fish who is caught by a boy fishing with his father who later puts Abe on the train track to be flattened by the train and then punches a hole to thread a leather strip through and wears it for many years....

And so it began...

Throughout my teens it was poems, Star Trek fan fic, a story of a preteen girl whose parents adopted twins (a bit of wish fulfillment there), and Lever of Love a novel of a sixteen year old girl with five siblings whose mother was expecting and while her father was incommunicado as an undercover narc cop the mother has a fall goes into a coma so the girl must care for her siblings but then she is kidnapped as a lever against her father and it turns out it was her own boyfriend...

In my twenties it was poems and the storyworld building for a sci/fant trilogy beginning with The Wailing Womb. As well as Sip the Light Prismatic about a young woman poet married to a marine (yeah, I was married to a marine at age 21) and continued efforts on Lever of Love.

In my late twenties and into my thirties while in college it was more poems continued work on Lever of Love, Wailing Womb and Sip the Light.  For a creative writing class I began Of Cats and Claws and Curiosities--the first Faye story and the first in what became the Fruits of the Spirit storyworld into which I folded Lever of Love, Sip the Light,  and half a dozen short stories both finished and begun.

In my early thirties I wrote several short stories including  Blow Me a Candy Kiss which I'm aiming to make my first self pub as an experiment.  I began the structural rewrite for April Camp NaNo and am still working on it.  I began Rag Doll Babies and Million Dollar Maybes another Faye Story at that time too but didn't finish it until after I turned forty in 97.  Several more short stories and novels were begun in the late 90s.  A few of the shorts were finished as well as a couple dozen poems.

FOS storyworld continues to obsess me and swallows up nearly every story I start.  As it did most new stories I began in my forties and nearly every Wrimo novel I began since 2004. It now has well over 100 significant characters in over 40 stories (some are chapters in the 16+ novels) following 7 generations of several families who founded a religious sect in 1888 into the present.  About six of the short stories (chapters) were what I considered finished but I'm going to be rewriting them now that my writing has matured and in light of the big breakthrough I had recently.

JuNoWriMo 2014 Goals

The plethora of stories already in my fiction files is why I'm a bit shy about starting yet a new story for JuNo this time and plan to add new words to existing stories as I apply the advice from Les Edgerton's Hooked--identify the inciting incident and write or rewrite it, identify the story worthy problem hidden in the POV character's psyche, decide on the resolution scene and write or rewrite it, storyboard the existing and intended surface problem scenes, deciding if any no longer belong or new need to be added now that the story goals have clarity.

If I'm not done with the Candy Kiss rewrite I'll continue working on it in June.  And if I were to make an exception to the 'no new story' preference it would likely be for the Greg POV story taking off from where Candy Kiss leaves off.  And that doesn't really feel like a new story.

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