Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Forays in Fiction: Quote

yore memreez ai rewryt 4 u k?

I've been inundated by a flood of memories this week as I've been tending to our dying fur baby, Merlin.

It has struck me that memory is crucial to story.  It is in fact story telling.  Your memories are stories you tell yourself.  But the moment you put them into words you are telling a story to others as well as yourself and its no longer the same story.  It seems you can't avoid fictionalizing your memories when you capture them in words.

This flood of memories has dominated the theme of the last three posts:

This makes four.

I've also been contemplating the role my memories have played in my fiction and poetry and noticing how this current flood has been stimulating ideas for more poetry and fictional stories.

I've been holding this vigil with Merlin since Tuesday morning.  He's still with us.  Barely.  He's still drinking water but to my knowledge has not taken any food since the slivers of salmon off my dinner plate Tuesday evening which gave me a burst of hope.

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