Thursday, May 22, 2014

Desperately Seeking Sleep

Insomnia iza nawn senz wurd.Sleep less? R U dysturbd?
Past my bedtime so no time to linger.  Woke with 7.5 Tuesday morning, breaking the more than two week chain of less than 7.5.  Woke with 6.5 Wednesday and 8 this morning. Hoping to make that 8 the first in another unbroken chain like the one I'd had towards the end of April.

Just spent the last  hour or so looking at pictures of sleeping cats on and sleep quotes on Brainy Quotes and Pinterest.   Hope something rubbed off.

Tho my issue is not so much insomnia anymore.  Not if I take my meds on schedule.  I mostly fight the need for it, hating to give up my day.  But I need to take recent lessons seriously.  The 'productivity' I gain by dissing sleep is an illusion.  There is always a pay day and the cost is high.

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