Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I think we're toast Mate.
Take your woe is me refrain where the sun don't shine Mac.
Already there.
There's always a sunny side.
Not down here there aint.
Not if you refuse to open your eyes and see.

Lunch today was a snafu-o-rama.  One thing after another went wrong.  Toasted cheese sandwiches and soup is a lunch I'm practiced at and have more than once had Mom's tray in her lap in 25 minutes from walking into the kitchen.

Not this time.  First glitch was when the wire on the cheese slicer broke.  Slicing chedder of a brick with a chef's knife takes much longer and no two are the same size or shape so making a sandwich with them is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

Then the griddle in the middle of the stove was covered with things my sister left there as task reminders.  I had to find places for 8 empty food supplement bottles, 2 empty serving containers and 1 stirring spoon holder in a room where every surface is covered except the burners on the stove.

Yep.  You guessed it.  I let some items rest their edges on the edge of the top right burner thinking they were safe since I had not intention of using that burner.  Then I promptly turned that burner on instead of the griddle.  The griddle dial is in the middle with the left burner dials to the left of it and the right burner dials to the right of it and the top burners it's immediate neighbors.  It's not the first time which should have been enough to stop me from leaving the cereal server and spoon holder anywhere near the burners or at the very least should have had me double and triple checking I had turned the right dial.

More things when wrong but nothing major like the broken slicer and the melted plastic all over a burner.  They amounted to things like
getting the soup cans out but forgetting to open them and later forgetting to turn the burner on under the soup
stepping on or kicking into my cat Merlin who dogs my feet from sink to fridge to stove to cuttingboard, to cupboard to...
dropping things
spilling things
misplacing things
forgetting to butter the outside of the cheese sandwiches before slapping on the griddle
Mom announcing she needed the bathroom just as I was about to announce I was on the way with her tray.  That's a twenty minute wait so her soup and sandwich weren't exactly hot anymore.  I stuck her sandwich in the microwave for 11 seconds and that remelted the cheese without taking all of the toasted crispiness out.

More such things happened during cleanup.  Thus I was getting back to my desk over two hours after I left it with forty minutes left before I was supposed to go start dinner prep.

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