Thursday, February 13, 2014

By George! I Think She's Got It!

I Think She's Got It!
 The workstation and room rearrange and organize project going on in one form or another for a year now is nearing that good to go stage.  I have one more biggish project and then its all about tweaking as I use the various spaces and learn what's working and what's not.

I created a 2x3 foot of free floor space by moving the drawer-cart against the wall.  Which entailed clearing the books and notebooks off the two stacks of boxes behind my computer desk so I could move them 1 2/4 inches left.  To do that I also had to pull the mini-tramp towards the middle of the room by about six inches which stole a bit of that space back and forced me to find a new home for the taller drawer cart that had been beside the cabinet on the wall opposite the desk.  Which took some more of that space back.

But the goal had been to give me elbow room around my chair so I could roll it and swivel without knocking things of the desk.

That ethereal look in this picture is caused by the high lux full spectrum therapy lamp behind the Ott lamp.  I had to move it there when I took away it's spot but I would have had to move it anyway as by moving my computer desk closer to that wall I had moved out of the therapy range.  I need to be inside of 16 inches away for the bio clock reset and the mood lift effect from the morning session.  Now though I can have it on in the late afternoon or evening as long as I'm not facing it so it can serve as extra light for crocheting.

Speaking of crochet.  Those little bags hanging off the desk drawer to the left of my chair hold small projects and there are three more smallish to midding projects inside that drawer.  Behind my chair the blue bag hanging off the yellow crate shelf is a large project.

One of the tweaks I'm probably going to make soon is switching out one of those shelves of books in the crates on the desk with the notebooks and files in the left hand crate on the box stacks as I need more frequent access to those than the books.  But I'm not going to mess with that until I've got that last big project done and my HABA station organized.  That's Health and Beauty aides including the closet.

I'm also going to start keeping my snack tray on the printer whenever I'm not needing it so the desk surface can be used as such.


For those few things I find inconvenient to have stashed in drawers I set a kitchen cupboard carousel on a bar stool that has adjustable height.  I used to keep that on the left side of the computer desk and low so it spun under it but that now blocked the cart drawers.  I thot I was going to have to give it up but then realized if I raised it higher than the desk and placed it behind it in that wasted space between the desk the boxes and the tramp... Wa La.

Reserved Room
 Here's where the HABA station will be.  Where it has been except that it used to be spread out on those two 12-15in wide boards resting across the three open drawers of that cabinet.  I rescued about an eight inch by five foot area by taking those boards down and closing the drawers.  The HABA is going to have the top of the two carts as soon as the second double wide is put together.  That's the next and the last big project.

The second cart is in that box which I positioned to show the space it will take up when set up.  That will be for craft miscellany--tools and supplies.

Room to Roll
 I'm standing in the doorway to take this shot.

Look at all the room.  There is room to roll and swivel the chair, room to get to the tramp, room to dance.  Still not quite enough room to swing a cat.  But Merlin is fine with that.

That blanket wrapped duffel containing winter coats is set there to serve as Merlin's bed but every time I get up off that chair he claims it.

I set the exercise ball on the chair when I use the tramp.

I'm Floored
Here I'm standing on the tramp to get this view that shows how there is room to set up that card table that is now blocking view of the ugly boxes on the closet floor.  For sorting projects and craft projects that need to spread out that would be good to have but not good to leave up.  In fact I should set my mind to needing to clear it and fold it back up before bed on days I use it.

But that will give me a work surface for setting up the laminater and the Cricut Doodlebug die cut and embosser that I've had since I decided to order a second one for my niece's Christmas present because it was cheaper or nearly so than the cost of shipping the first one to her in Montana after having it shipped here.  I've not allowed myself to open it from it's shipping box until I had created a space to use it.

Soon.  Combine die cut, emboss and laminate and think bookmarks.

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